Monday, March 26, 2018

技术上属“触底股”(二):BjToto (2.17)

1. 2018财政年每股盈利=0.20 (预测)
2. 股息政策:80%
3. 2018财政年股息=16分 (预测)
4. 周息率= 7.4%
5. 本益比=10.85
6. 股价现时趋向稳定。

1. 盈利不断走下坡。
2. 盈利率不断走下坡。




1 comment:

  1. Bjtoto is also one of the companies that gotten my attention but not ambank and ksl. Its profit margin had dropped for many years, it may be caused by the company penetrates to involve in new and 2nd car sales in UK which the profit margin is lower than gaming. Nevertheless, this diversification is good to bloom its topline rather than doing nothing becomes a victim of underground gaming effect.
    I like this company because of
    1. Recent price beaten down to attractive level
    2. High DY
    3. Rebound in profit margin
    4. Continually positive cash flow
    5. Hold Bauto Philippines 28% share that may be a future growth engine

    1. High leverage with high debt.
    2. Rm788 million of intangible assets that claimed to be an indefinite useful life.

    Let me know if I am too optimistic about Bjtoto.